Deciding to diet is the start of a new you. Following these tips will make it much easier to stay on track with your diet commitments.

  • Clear your diary. Although the diet allows for some flexibility, at the beginning you will find it much easier to avoid dinner parties or lunches where you’ll feel under pressure to eat what you’re given or what’s on the menu.
  • Weigh yourself. It’s advisable to weigh yourself when you begin the diet, so you’ve got a starting point and can record your progress.
  • Take your measurements. Set goals. Goal setting follows on from measurements. Once you know where you are now, you can set yourself a goal.
  • Keep a notebook. Start with your measurements, what you weighed, your goals, your exercise plans, and update these as you continue with the diet.
  • Plan an exercise routine.
  • Clear the cupboards. It’s a lot easier to do the low carb diet if you’re not constantly being tempted by foods that aren’t diet-friendly. If you live on your own, clear your cupboards, fridge and freezer of any sugary, starchy and refined foods. If there are other mouths to feed in your household, assign yourself a cupboard where you can store all your carb-friendly food.
  • Stock up. Make sure you’re stocked up with the basics and ready to go.