Top 10 diets of 2016top-10-diets-of-2016


If 2016 is the year you promise to start that new diet plan then this article will probably mention some of the diets you have been thinking about trying out to start the war on those extra pounds we all gain over the winter months

Our top 10 diets of 2016 is broken down into categories to allow you to find the best diet plan in 2016.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to shed pounds for the bikini body or you’re serious about improving your overall health and fitness. Finding the right diet, one that works for your body type and abilities is essential to starting of on the correct diet.

So many new diets involve so much sacrifice that in the end you lose the willpower battle and end up binge eating and working against your goals. This is a double hit as you then suffer from guilt which leads to self loathing, which leads to a tub of ben and jerrys and we are right back at square one. The only winner here is Ben and Jerry.

The secret to a good diet plan is not to starve yourself of all the treats you enjoy, just to cut back and moderate you diet a little. Soon you will find you diet becomes a way of life, you will improve the variety of food you consume and cut back on the sugary and refined foods. By this simple step alone you will find you can eat more in volume as fresh food and vegetables are naturally less calorific when compared to ready meal and processed foods, not to mention the taste difference.

 What Was your top diet of 2015? Tell us in the comments below. ?

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